Penrose - Colombia, Ethiopia

Penrose - Colombia, Ethiopia


Cocoa Nibs, Toffee, Boysenberry

Variety: Blend

Region: Huila/Guji

Elevation: 1800-2200 MASL

Process: Washed/Natural.

Magic: Whelp. We did it. And frankly we’re pretty damn proud of it. Introducing Penrose. It’s 50% Huila Colombia, 50% Guji Ethiopia, and 100% your new best friend. We put this blend together to be good as one thing and one thing only: everything. I’ll admit that we sourced and roasted these coffees to be stellar on espresso, but the reality is that this blend is incredible as filter too. It has massive body, deep rustic sweetness, and a super approachable fruitiness that’ll remind you that yes, this is Little Owl, and yes, we love fruity coffees.

Colombia: This is a high altitude jammer from the ASOPCAFA co-op in Huila. We bought it to bring the chocolate, but it has a huge amount of body and sweetness all its own. It rules.

Ethiopia: This is a naturally processed Guji from the legendary Hambela Estate is similarly #blessed altitude-wise, and brings body, chocolate, and berries by the truckload. It also has a clean florally that’s super reminiscent of a gesha. It also rules.

The name.

Denver owes its elevated coffee scene to some of the early pioneers that set the roots of specialty coffee in this town. Our beloved blend name honors one of the individuals that was a huge inspiration and guiding light for Little Owl in its early days. We’re here because this person paved the way for us and companies like us. Dustin Fuchtman is the man, and his coffee company, Penrose, had a brief yet triumphant reign. His vision was high design, high quality, and just generally beautiful. We’re here to carry that torch. We’re here to remember that “people matter most.”

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