Idhali Aguiar - Colombia

Idhali Aguiar - Colombia


Baker’s Chocolate, Cherry Limeade, Starfruit

Farm: La Floresta

Variety: Colombia

Region: Tolima

Elevation: 1850 MASL

Process: Washed. 36-42 hour wet fermentation followed by a 10-12 day drying time on raised canopies.

Magic: This is a very special coffee to me (Mike). I sourced it on a trip to Colombia last summer that revolved around a competition among over 250 producers in the Tolima region. My group cupped it against the top 30, and for me it was like a shining beacon among the rest. I had to have it, and I’m beyond stoked to be able to share it with all y’all.

Idhali is amazing. She’s a multi-generational farmer, inherited La Floresta from her parents over 40 years ago, grew up on the land she’s cultivating, and coffee is her primary source of income. She is also part of a women’s empowerment group in the region that helps farmers push their coffee to the next level. In other words, she’s earned the title “producer”.

The coffee itself is sparkly, refreshing, sweet, and tastes like a cherry slurpee. V stoked. V highly recommend.

12oz Bag

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