Familia Huluri - Bolivia

Familia Huluri - Bolivia


Cherry Candy, Milk Chocolate, Honey

Variety: Red Caturra

Region: Hipolito

Elevation: 1354 MASL

Process: washed: depulped and then dry fermented for 17-18 hours, washed and then dried for 2 weeks

Magic: Fam. Here’s where we’re at. Agricafe is a small family-owned Bolivian coffee company that both grows their own coffee and also helps other specialty farmers in the area to process and export their coffee. They have a commitment to specialty coffee, sustainability, and farming innovation in Bolivia. Their aim is to bring up the quality and the price of coffee in Bolivia so that farmers are less tempted to switch to other crops—a problem that is currently plaguing the country. We met Daniela and Pedro Rodriguez (the family behind Agricafe) a few years ago and were completely in love with their love for specialty coffee and the Bolivian people who grow it. We instantly knew that we wanted to cultivate as strong a relationship with them as we possibly could. Step one: buy their coffee. Agricafe also just won the SCA’s Sustainability Award for their unique business model, which they absolutely deserve. They’re amazing. Next step for us is to go visit them and the families they represent and meet some more of the wonderful people who grow the coffees that we love so much. 

This coffee from the Huluri family is incredible. It’s so so juicy and consistently sweet start to finish. Filter: amazing. Espresso: yup yup yup.

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